National Instruments is a commercial technologies company. Today's engineers and scientists are solving the world's most pressing challenges, such as developing better medical diagnostic and treatment tools, finding renewable energy alternatives, and improving infrastructure stability. National Instruments equips engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery to meet not only grand but also daily engineering challenges in an increasingly complex world. A graphical system design approach leverages productive software and reconfigurable hardware platforms, along with a vast community of IP and applications, to simplify system development and arrive at solutions faster. With the NI platform-based approach, you can design systems at the right level—from using small robots to inspire student engagement in engineering to launching the most advanced rockets into space—using a single software framework and reconfigurable hardware. Focus on the solution to your problem by abstracting complexity through software and removing the unnecessary constraints fixed-function tools cause. Invest in tools that allow you to adapt to changing requirements over time while optimizing both performance and cost. By taking advantage of the most advanced components available today, National Instruments delivers solutions that harness rapid technology change to empower you with the most effective tools.

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